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5 times they tried to humiliate María Félix and left them silent

Maria Felix has been undoubtedly one of the most important figures in Mexican popular culture, not only for being one of the divas of the Mexican Cinema of Gold but for the way in which dominated those who doubted her or tried to humiliate her. And it is that in a time when men were in control, being a woman could represent a great limitation but not for Maria.

There were many controversial that I created the so-called “Diva del Cine de Oro” around her way of speaking, her relationships and her image. It was said that she was involved in a secta of occultism and that he had a pact with demonic beings to preserve his fame and his beauty.

Regardless of what they said behind their back or to their own face, María Félix always had a answer with which he left everyone quiet and that today they are still a great lesson so as not to leave anyone else.

“I feel a bit sorry for you.”

During an interview, Jacobo Zabludovsky He told the actress that he felt a little sorry for her for being a victim of the media and stressed that the public has taken care of criticize her and get into her life.

“No one raised me but my Great God. The cinema did not help me, the public helped me ”. The presenter continued: “But that same public won’t let her walk down the street.” “Because I don’t want to,” replied the actress. “But they don’t leave her because they ask her for autographs, they criticize her life, if she has ever married”, Zabludovsky continued but María Félix managed to end the round of questions with an elegant: “That doesn’t matter to you.”

A reporter asked her if she was a lesbian.

One of the aspects that caused the most intrigue was with respect to his sexual preferences. Although “La Doña” was always with the most gallant of the time, it was said that he had also had romances with women. According to the same actress in the 1996 Verónica Castro program, a reporter asked him directly if it was lesbian. The response was simply epic.

“If all men were like you, but immediately, surely they would be …”.

On whether his relationships gave him work.

María Félix always accepted that she had many loves and that she knew that she had men at her feet. However, far from the stigmas under which women have always lived, she clearly said that her achievements never depended on any man.

“I never had to be with my legs up to work, I never dedicated myself to that, I never had to go with a man to have a job, never, not for money or for work,” he said.

On several occasions she was questioned about her big ego.

Challenging and indomitable, María Félix hypnotized anyone just by making an appearance. It is difficult to imagine her without her dangling jewels, her high curly hairstyles or her raised eyebrows that accentuated her frivolous and defiant woman’s features, something that broke any stereotype of a woman of her time.

“I do not believe the divine heron, I am the divine heron!”

When it was compared to the second version of “Doña Bárbara”

María Félix was the first woman to wear pants in Mexican cinema. The actress played a woman who faced men and whose character led her to be independent, something very scandalous for that time. In an interview in 1998, she was questioned by the then new version of that character because she made the same gestures.

“I have not seen her, nor will I see her. They have always wanted to copy me (…) Do you raise your eyebrow? “, he said between laughter.

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