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5 looks for the whole week that only need a black t-shirt to look elegant and sophisticated

A well-known fashion rule is that looks should have some basics in common to make them versatile and inexpensive, since looking good is not contingent on investing large amounts of money. In fact, just a black t-shirt is enough to look flawless.

It is sober, thanks to its color, as well as timeless thanks to its design. As combined, it can be used to go to a work meeting, see friends or take a walk. Therefore, it is a necessary garment of which we will never run out of ideas to combine.

Looks that only require a black t-shirt to dazzle

Black t-shirt with jeans

In its more casual version, it looks good and does not disappoint. It can be worn with a more sporty air in combination with tennis shoes, while if you want a more chic look, loafers are what you are looking for.

With white pants

The two most sophisticated and easy-to-match shades together elevate any outfit in seconds. Therefore, it is a mixture that fits very well when you have to get into the role of an executive or have work commitments. If this is the case, don’t forget your stilettos.

With wide pants

Instead, If what you are looking for is to wear something comfortable but without neglecting good dress, take advantage of the fact that wide and flared pants are in trend to combine them with a black t-shirt. In this way, you can generate harmony in your outfit and achieve a good look effortlessly.

With miniskirts

Going out with friends? No problem. It’s spring and denim mini skirts have become a more than acceptable option these days. Accessories will add a touch of originality that will make you stand out.

Monochrome with black t-shirt

Finally, if you are in the ‘mood’ of a date or a special outing, a good look in black from head to toe will never leave you bad. On the contrary, it lengthens and stylizes so you can show off a great body.

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