If i ask you how many jeans do you have, Would you know how to answer me without running to your closet and counting them? Not me, I confess, but surely more than 10 (sure!). A couple of years ago The Consumer Reports reported (perhaps to the surprise of few) that a woman has, on average, ten pairs of jeans in her closet (on average …).

Now, my next question is this, do we use all those jeans? Have we used them more than five times? Are these really the jeans we need in our lives? And at the risk that this may sound dramatic, because we do not need 10 pairs of pants to live, it is true that this universal, versatile garment and the number one to be able to affirm that we have a complete wardrobe, is a basic, or al except for certain models (which we will list below) and that definitely do not go out of style.

They are the type of jeans that go well with everything and at any age and that make the ritual of dressing much easier and thus be able to resort, without much concern, to those key garments that will help us create elegant and versatile looks. They are those jeans for which the seasons do not pass, because they are always there And even if they are not ‘in fashion’, they will always (always) make us look good.

Forever skynnies

Skinny jeans ‘don’t go out of style’We just put them on hiatus, as has happened these last few seasons, but they are always there and, if we need them, which superhero will fly to our fashionista rescue. We know each and every one of the tricks to wear skinny jeans and never fail in the attempt, so why do without a model like this. We use them in our day to day, for a romantic outing, and any other occasion because if there is a pair of chameleon jeans, these are. Wear them in a casual or elegant look and they will always serve you.

Straight jeans

Maybe until a few seasons ago you had not seen these jeans as much as now, but straight jeans are a must that, like skynnies, fit all occasions. Its longer or full length version is the one we see most often in the best dressed and celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, but in its slim straight leg cropped format it also looks great and, if you are petite, it will adapt much better to your figure without losing style.

Bootcut jeans

Here we are not referring to the typical flared or wide boot, although this model has a bit of flare, it is a very subtle one that looks great in a long jean that reaches flush with your shoes. It is a classic model that right now is one of the most worn, but if you have it in its low or high shot version, they will always be very dressing and will look great with boots (of all kinds), dancers and tennis shoes.

Between mom and boyfriend jeans

These two styles of jeans are vying for the popularity range right now and, although they are in trend, mom jeans had their boom time between the 80-90s and now they have returned, as is often the case in fashion, so it will not be a surprise that in a few years, if this fury dissipates, that they will be back in fashion. Both are comfortable garments, practical to wear and combine, and to which (as history has shown) returning to them has not been bad at all.

Let’s talk about colors

These are the four colors that some of these jeans models that we mentioned previously should have: denim blue (classic); indigo blue (for all ages, they stylize you and make your legs look longer); black (they are as versatile as blue); white (a spring-summer staple). These will be the four basic tones to have in those jeans that favor you the most and in which you feel most comfortable, preferably in a timeless silhouette like the previous ones.

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