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5 eyebrow serums to have them beautiful, full and much more dense

Have some pretty eyebrows, full and that they are a true frame for your look is not always easy, but you should know that they exist eyebrow serums who can be your best allies for this purpose if you want to help them grow naturally. So we set out to find the ones that have the best reviews and have also been recommended by experts.

Since having thick eyebrows has been one of the favorite ways to wear them in recent years, countless beauty trends have emerged such as hyper-realistic ones, which seek precisely to make them more abundant through a cosmetic tattoo and the union of strokes to give the illusion of overlapping hairs. But if you don’t want to know anything about implants and needles, eyebrow serums they are your best natural alternative.

The growth cycle of eyebrow hairs are usually every 56 days or so, which comes after a rest period that lasts a few more weeks. What these stimulating products do is activate follicles so that the growth phase lengthens significantly. Taking this into account we list some of the favorite products considering effectiveness, ingredients and safety.

Natural extracts

The Brown it’s a conditionerr that will help you take better care of your eyebrows. It is an absolute favorite with hundreds of positive reviews on the internet for being effective and having a natural formula with visible effects after four weeks of treatment. Among its most relevant ingredients it has: ginseng root extract, which improves circulation, peptides, collagen and nettle extract.

Conditioning treatment

The biotin, which helps to strengthen and soften the hairs, added to the green tea extract and the Ginseng & Swertia Japonica will promote a growth of strong eyebrows, healthy and well hydrated. This product is developed by doctors to give a more voluminous appearance and is vegan and cruelty free mixing active botanical ingredients and nourishing vitamins backed by science.

Enhancer Serum

The RapidBrow Brow Enhancer Serum It is one of the favorites on the market for its affordable price and results in just 60 days. It is made from a complex called Hexatein, a formula made up of six substances such as polypeptides, vitamin B7, B5, keratin and apple cell extract and almonds. For best results the brand suggests applying twice a day. In the reviews, the only ‘but’ it has is the applicator, which according to users can be somewhat cumbersome.

Eyebrow renovator

The Renovador de Cejas M2 BEAUTY serum promises for less crowded eyebrows more beautiful, healthy and dense ones. It has activator ingredients such as black sea gorgonian oil, MDN, biotin, hyaluronic acid and components such as Prodew 300 that fix moisture to make them more elastic, flexible and resistant. The best way to see results is consistently, the product asks for at least 16 weeks to have eyebrows of impact.

Natural ingredients

Although the ForChics ForBrow Brow Beautifying Serum promises impressive visible results from two weeks of use, it will be even more so when fourth week. Made from a stimulating peptide complex To support the natural renewal cycle, it has a formula based on essential minerals, proteins and vitamins. The brand recommends applying twice a day in the first few months to optimize.

It is important to consider that the eyebrow growth is very particular in each case, since it largely depends on the genetics of each one. Nourishing them deeply and helping them grow is not a quick process, so you should be patient and constant to notice the results. But the truth is that they work. You can take a log photo of day zero, day 15, 30 and 60 to see for yourself.

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