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5 beauty trends for this spring that Latinas will love to wear

Conquer the beauty trends of the season as a true Latina means giving absolute prominence to a gaze of intense and dramatic character. It means returning to the purest authenticity at its peak, allowing the hair to acquire its natural state and be decorated by layers that give it an inconceivable volume. And, of course, it also means the intense debate with extremes such as monochrome or the vigor of color experimentation.

So much so that the most important beauty trends of 2021 not only present a notable nod to escapist color blocks, as seen in the summer presentation of labels such as Halpern and Tom Ford with the hand of magenta hues, but also lean towards a minimalism of a radiant face growing by leaps and bounds in Latin America, and has shown an inspiring version on the spring-summer 2021 runway of Etro, Bulberry and English designer Victoria Beckham.

After dissecting and impregnating ourselves with the beauty trends of the season, we found the bets that will undoubtedly seduce Latinas.

Beauty trends spring-summer 2021


We cannot deny or hide that among the hair and makeup trends for spring-summer 2021 Natural, glowing skins continue to have prominence with almost no added products. But it is also true that this season we will see the rise of makeup in a monochromatic hue. So, without forgetting the necessary cleansing and hydration of the face, opt for one of the shades that suits your skin tone wonderfully, and then sketch it through a matte lipstick, a shadow and why not a blush . In this way, and in its measured version, you will be sealing a bet that is versatile for every moment of the day.

Layers, layers, layers

One of the outstanding aspects in terms of hair are the covers. And this season more than ever they return to our lives to provide a sense of colossal volume to the hair, in addition to giving us the movement and the twist that our outfits need. Whether in a shag cut, unstructured bob or a XL layered mane, this resource will not only be in vogue, it will also be the best ally of changes in look out of style.

Reminiscences of the eighties

When it comes to contrasts, the spring-summer 2021 season has also welcomed makeup trends reminiscent of the eighties. Delineated in vibrant and unexpected hues that remind us of Princess Diana, protagonist eyes with an orange, blue, magenta and metallic green hue as seen on the Bethany Williams catwalk and often champion personalities like Dua Lipa.

Curly in its natural state

There is a feeling of liberation in the fact of wearing the natural hair, not worrying about that perfection that the absolute smooth ones entailed, and daring to return to our curly hair. And beyond the fact that it is a trend that, in most cases, has occurred due to the months of confinement, it has come to stay and invites us to embrace curling in its purest state.

Intense gaze

The dramatic eyes, intense and overwhelming are one of the makeup trends that we will see unfold with momentum in the months to come. And it is in an alternative with a shadowy faded tone as proposed by the House French Chanel or with the outlined side cat-eye, surely they will give us the impetuosity necessary to display a formidable look whether we have to attend the office or work with zoom from home.

Now that you know them, what is the beauty trend What will you embrace in the next few months?

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