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5 are the pants that will no longer be fashionable in autumn-winter

Despite the fact that autumn, and much more winter, are quite far away, our minds are already thinking about the pants that we will wear in the coming months and in which we will not, come that moment. We continue with an extensive review of the trends that we will enjoy at the end of 2021 and that includes, of course, the garments that we will have to discard or move to the bottom of the closet.

The warmer days wrap us up and, even if we have one foot in the future, believe us that, even if it seems like not, we enjoy them. We do it, on the one hand, wearing those elegant pants that do not go out of style, the freshest trends of the moment and without forgetting those that, unfortunately, we will no longer use.

The low rise returns, and the baggy and wide-leg pants remain; the prints with logos; woven garments and; the leather effect pants will continue to stand out; while other styles, which are characterized more by their prints and colors, will no longer accompany us during autumn-winter. Jeans will continue to be key, without forgetting their more timeless version, as well as the interpretation of comfortable and wide-legged garments will not go anywhere; However, These are the five styles of pants that you will not need in late 2021 to achieve looks on point.

Futuristic vibes

The hologram or futuristic style on pants and other clothing items were, at the time, the common denominator in the shows of Balmain, Maion Margiela and Sies Marjan, to name a few. Ultra-reflective and high-gloss materials were the trend, not anymore. From dazzling to holographic, we wore futuristic looks a couple of winters ago, but not to say goodbye to 2021.

Animal print

Animal print has always been a valid option during the fall, but this year it will not be. It had its moment as an everyday trend and for nighttime glamor alike, dominating the Victoria Beckham, Gareth Pugh and Dolce & Gabbana collections at the time, but the time has come to give it a break. Logomania, on the other hand, returns, and will not cease to be reflected in pants of all kinds.

Pj’s style

We have mentioned it repeatedly, but it never hurts to do it again: dressing in pajamas is not, nor will it be in fashion. With a sensual masculinity and boudoir elegance, slip dresses will be a trend during the summer, but two-piece sets, with a silk blouse and pants, not so much. Sleepwear will be limited, in the case of pants, to wear them strictly to have sweet dreams.


The slim vertical striped suit made a comeback on the runways a couple of years ago. It is a full-fledged power suit, it is useful to always have a classic model like this in our wardrobe, but for winter it will not be the first option to wear. The suits will continue to be a must to wear, but mainly, and following the proposals of brands such as The Row, Petar Petrov and Max Mara, in a version of tonal tailoring, since they combine pristine suits of the same color to create very elevated but advanced looks in layers will be the trend.

Neon electricity

A sure way to stand out from the crowd, without a doubt, is to wear neon, in all its possible shades. That will be the case during this summer, but for the fall it will be time to discard it. This certain pop energy has traveled a variety of collections since 2018, serving to give a lot of shine to blazer and trouser sets, like this one from Blake Lively, and monochrome dresses in bold and intense colors.

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