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46 Dominican ex-prisoners deported from the US, some of them “dangerous”

The United States government, through the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE), repatriated 46 former Dominican prisoners on Tuesday, after serving sentences in North American jails accused of different federal crimes.

The group, made up of 42 men and 4 women, arrived on a commercial plane registration N332CK of the Kalitta Charter airline, with flight number 3554, from the city of Miami, Florida, United States.

While to receive the 46 exreos, the authorities of the General Directorate of Migration and airport security set up an extensive security device in the northern area of ​​the air terminal, as a preventive measure against the danger of some of the returnees.

According to the data offered, the deported nationals had committed different crimes, criminal and federal, during their stay in the United States.

Those returned served their sentences for crimes such as drug trafficking, homicide, assault, money laundering, kidnapping and forgery of credit cards among other minor crimes.

Upon arrival at the airport, the Migration and Public Health authorities subjected them to Covid-19 detection tests and other medical examinations, before boarding the buses that would take them to the headquarters of the General Directorate of Migration.

As part of the preventive security measures, the ex-convicts on the aircraft that transported them to the country are handcuffed with chains on their hands and feet and escorted by members of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE). ) and Agents Marshall.

So far this year 2021, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement service has deported 344 nationals to the Dominican Republic after serving their sentences in that nation.

According to statistics, in 2020 the US government deported 1,419 Dominicans to the Dominican Republic after having served sentences in prisons in different US states accused of different federal crimes.

The deportations of Dominicans who have committed crimes in the United States occur through extradition agreements signed by the government of the Dominican Republic and the United States, dating from 1910, and which were rectified in 2016.

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