40 years in prison given to woman who shot her boyfriend in La Paz

Peace.- 37-year-old Jessica was sentenced by a judge to 40 years in prison for him murder of her boyfriend, sentence that must be fulfilled in the Neza Bordo prison, informed authorities of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico.

“The Public Ministry of the Specialized Homicide Prosecutor’s Office of the Eastern Zone of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office credited the participation of María del Rosario Jessica Zamora Ávila, in the murder of a man who was her boyfriend, illegal for which she was sentenced to 40 years of prison ”, FGJEM staff spread.

A judge based in Nezahualcóyotl issued this sentence for Jessica and also set her fines of 52 thousand 843 pesos and 165 thousand 323 pesos to repair the damage, coupled with the fact that their civil and political rights were suspended.

Homicide occurred on January 21, 2018, after Jessica and her boyfriend “left a bar located in Mexico City and went to another establishment in the municipality of La Paz, but on the way, they started a discussion that turned violent ”.

María del Rosario Jessica demanded that her boyfriend take her home, so they moved to the Lomas de San Sebastián neighborhood, where she shot him with a gun, causing his death and then he fled the site, said authorities of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office.

Due to this homicide, the Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation that allowed Jessica to be identified as the probable aggressor, for this reason the Social Representative asked a judge to issue an arrest warrant against her, a judicial order that was granted.

Jessica was detained in August 2019, in the La Magdalena Atlicpac neighborhood, in the municipality of La Paz and later admitted to the Nezahualcóyotl Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center, where she was at the disposal of a Judge, FGJEM authorities reported.


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