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4 resign from ISSSTE after López-Gatell’s vacation

Cuernavaca. Mor.- Among the doctors of the hospital of ISSSTE “Carlos Calero Elorduy”, by Cuernavaca, there is discouragement about the strategy followed by the federal government to confront the pandemic of Covid-19. Such is the degree of discouragement that four doctors who fight the new coronavirus on the front line decided to resign.

The distress of the doctors is also affected by the lack of personnel to attend to patients, of supportive medical tools and the lack of irresponsibility of the population, but the vacations taken by the Undersecretary of Prevention, Hugo López-Gatell, he broke the will of the doctors.

“Four of our colleagues, we are 23 doctors in the Covid area, they resigned because they said ‘it is not possible that we have eight months breaking our back’, and that means that we must be at home, guarding ourselves and everything, and the man comes out with this, “he says.

They judge that the levels of contagion and the number of victims could have been lower with an efficient prevention program in the months of March and April, but in their opinion nothing was done and now the consequences are being paid.

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–What failed, the government strategy, the media or the population?

“The government strategy because it is very easy to tell those 30 million voters to use mouth covers. There are very fanatical people that if the president tells them ‘get off the bridge’ he will. From that moment we knew that the strategy was wrong ”, says one of the doctors at the Covid area what does he have ISSSTE in this hospital.

If you had a chance to communicate with people, what would you say to them?

“Well one, sorry for the expression, but the mother would mention them because most of them don’t understand.

“We have months without drugs, literally all the patients who enter intensive care die, we have few doctors for the number of patients.

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“Right now we have an approximate mortality of between 60 and 65%, that is, 100 patients enter, 60 or 65 of them die. We have taken out people who do not come so seriously, who are thrown into hospitalization for 20 days and leave, the pound, but the reality is that if you enter therapy, if you complicate yourself and go to intensive careWell, you die. In eight months we have not been able to remove a single patient from intensive care ”, confess the doctors who allowed the recording of the interview on condition of anonymity, to avoid reprisals.

The hospital is under the responsibility of the Secretary of National Defense and therefore the decisions made are shared, but the doctors affirm that when the military officer asks for more support tools, they respond that there is no budget, but they continue to admit patients.

“The order is to fill the hospital so that it can be seen that something is being done, but the work is burdened for us. Imagine under normal conditions, including Covid, an example (Cuernavaca hospital, General José G.) Parres has 400 nurses for 100 beds, and we have 70 beds with 30 nurses ”, he quotes.

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A rehabilitated hospital

In June 2020 the general director of the ISSSTE Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda, delivered the new hospital to the Institute of Health for Wellbeing to expand care for patients with Covid-19, after 10 years of being in ruins.

“It is an achievement that few imagined possible, and thanks to the support of the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA) was rehabilitated in just two months. Today we show that you can do things when you have a commitment to the people, ”said Ramírez Pineda.

The supervision of the hospital was headed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and it was explained that its conversion was to face the pandemic and provide general hospitalization and intensive therapy services to the population of the state that requires it.

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However, doctors say, the staff is insufficient, as well as the tools to care for the Covid-19 patients, for example, they recall that the first ventilators that arrived at Carlos Calero were not for intensive care support but rather for transfer. Their operation was for three or four hours maximum, but they had them in operation 24 hours for seven days and that is why people died.

“A month ago, the 24th Military Zone lent the ventilators that it had in its hospital and we hope it will come out for a patient or something, because they have them stacked. It seems that they are only trying to justify the attention ”, they refer.

Among doctors, they say, their Feelings of impotence when the military suggests that they apply “minimal doses” to patients or “palliative.” The military is being asked, they say, to go to the hospital to help with the writing of the notes because that takes a lot of time. They do not get involved at all, and they only ask for a little empathy, they demand.

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The López-Gatell factor

Founding doctors of the Covid-19 area also follow López-Gatell’s footprint since 2009 when he worked in the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion. There he collaborated under the command of Mauricio Hernandez and both were commissioned to install a laboratory to carry out massive tests of the new virus, and to document the numbers of contagion and deaths from the AH1N1 flu.

“I was doing the same as here, I wanted to implement a Sentinel program and two weeks later they saw that there were no results and they ran it, if I remember correctly Pablo Kuri entered the relay to appease that situation. We do keep a memory of what Hugo López-Gatell has done ”, they say.

They also remember when the doctor estimated a maximum number of 60 thousand victims from Covid-19, and especially his controversial phrase that the president was a “moral force, not a contagious force.”

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“From the outset, since he said that the president is not contagious, from there there were reasons not to believe,” consider the doctors.

Failed strategy

Those who fight head-on against Covid-19 in the “Carlos Calero” of Cuernavaca assure that the government strategy failed because it would be easy to tell “those 30 million voters” to use the mask, but “the fact of denying that the Covid was not going to arrive and that only a few ‘stop enemy’ amulets were enough to cure the Covid, and that being non-corrupt helped, because in what head fits that type of expressions”, they criticize .

In his opinion, the determination of the federal government to sell to China, in February 2020, a considerable quantity of masks knowing that they would be needed and then buy them back at seven times their original price is also absurd. They are questions, they say, that we cannot understand, well we do understand, but we do not understand why the government does that kind of thing.

– Is it true that doctors lost the sensitivity to feel the death of people?

“There are mixed feelings because on the one hand we have had people who tell us that it is not Covid, they do not believe in the disease and they end up in tubes, and they do everything possible to remove them, but in the end they die and you say ‘well in the end they did not believe, I’m not going to worry. ‘

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“The other time a 45-year-old woman died, young, and that kind of situation causes you concern because she left two little children. On the 31st we had the death of a person who went to a witch doctor, charged him 4,000 pesos for a consultation and the poor man came to the hospital asking for air; We hospitalized him for a week, he became complicated, he spent 10 days in intensive care, he died on the 31st and when the wife came to recognize the body, she began to cry and shout why she had left him, what am I going to do with my three children. That part does move your tears ”, the doctors relate.

In the end, the doctors say, there is ignorance of the people and currently there are people from the indigenous municipality of Xoxocotla who want to sue the hospital and their doctors because they say that the head of the hospitalized family did not have Covid and there he was infected. All this causes a satiety for the people who are very irresponsible and the government does not hit upon an efficient prevention program combat of Covid-19.

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