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4 applications to edit photos with your mobile that you must download

You probably have a cell phone and you take pictures with it. It is also quite likely that not all of them are great or that you like to upload them to social networks. In this case today we have 4 applications that you should try on your mobile. They are applications to edit photos on your mobile and have a decent result. We are not going to tell you that you will edit like a pro, but you can probably take advantage of these apps and get a better result. The best of all is that all the options that we leave you with free and valid for any mobile.

You must edit your photos: 4 free and easy editing apps

There is nothing wrong with edit photosWhat’s more, it is one of the most recommended things before uploading them to social networks, framing them or using them for any purpose. If you do not have professional knowledge of photography, there will be details that you can modify in the edition so that the result is much better.

If you do photos with your mobile It is highly recommended that you take a few minutes later and edit all the ones that seem interesting to you. We have made a selection of quality applications, free and with established foundations.

Pixlr, the best to erase backgrounds and color them

Pixlr it is one of the most popular editing applications in certain markets. It is available for Android phones and it’s free. We highly recommend it if your editing goes beyond modifying colors, brightness and putting a filter. With this app you can erase the background of your photos, color it and create layers to modify any part of it.

Descarga Pixlr – Google Play

Afterlight, a simple and fast editor

Afterlight is one of the most interesting editors if you want to edit photos quickly. It has a fairly intuitive interface that will allow you to edit in just a few seconds. Its options are very interesting, it is fast and has a unique filter option for old and retro effects.

Descargar Afterlight – Google Play

Prisma Photo Editor, focused on filters

Prism is a perfect app for the most inexperienced users. In it you will find the necessary tools to edit the photograph and a huge filter selection. Among these filters you can find some cartoon, others oil and a large number of settings for each.

Download Prisma – Google Play

Adobe Photoshop Express, the most professional editor

If you want something More professional And keep it simple to use, you should try Adobe Photoshop Express. This app came to Android some time ago and is one of the best that you can download for free to edit photos. It has all the potential of the desktop application, but with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Descargar Adobe Photoshop – Google Play

Despite its hundreds of options, it is an app with which almost everyone can start to touch the colors, the exposure levels and many other parameters to see which are the best.

If you are a fan of photography we recommend you download these 4 applications to edit photos with your mobile By an easy and fast way.

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