39 students kidnapped in another attack in Nigeria

In Nigeria, schoolchildren have again been kidnapped by gunmen. In Kaduna, the attackers abducted 39 girls and boys from a forest school. Other children were hospitalized with injuries.

39 students were kidnapped in another attack on a school in northern Nigeria. Armed attackers stormed the forestry college in Kaduna state on Thursday (local time) and shot around indiscriminately, the government announced. At the time, there were around 300 students aged 17 and over at the school.

According to the authorities, 23 female and 16 male students have been missing since the attack. Several students were injured in the attack and are being treated in a hospital. The school was guarded by soldiers and police on Friday afternoon while concerned parents gathered there for news.

“I appeal to the government to help save our children,” said Helen Sunday, whose daughter was kidnapped. “It cannot be that parents send their children to school just to be kidnapped by criminals there,” said Denis John, whose brother is one of the missing.

For years, attacks by criminal gangs have been increasing in the north and center of Nigeria. The gangs, known as “bandits” in Nigeria, kidnap people to extort ransom and are responsible for looting and rape.

The gangs act primarily for financial reasons and have no known ideological orientations. However, there are growing concerns that they may cooperate with jihadists from the northeast. They have been fighting for the establishment of an Islamist state for years.

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