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3800 CONSOLES SEIZED – Secret service investigates “Fifa” for the Playstation

Crazy story from the gamer cosmos: In the Ukraine, the SUB secret service is investigating the cult soccer game “Fifa” for the Playstation. In the course of this, specialists confiscated the unbelievable number of 3800 consoles.

How „Golem“ reported that criminals had operated a so-called mining farm with fourth-generation Playstations in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia. These are huge illegal data centers that – to put it simply – amass cryptocurrencies on a large scale (the word “mining” comes from English and means “mining”).

In the case of the mining farm in Ukraine, the internet thieves were not after Bitcoins and Co., but rather on the cult game “Fifa”. The illegal system: Countless games of the game were played with bots, i.e. fully automated computer programs. Coins were transferred to the criminal account.

The “Fifa” coins are good for two things: With them, gamers can easily improve their virtual skills, which usually takes years. Or they increase the chance of getting to rare footballers. In both cases, game fans pay a lot of real money for it.

The following calculation example shows how lucrative the mining farm system was: A used Playstation 4 costs around 100 euros and up. The criminals invested 380,000 euros in the 3800 consoles alone.

The cyber theft has been exposed because of the immense power consumption

Secret service employees were puzzled because supplies in the region had regularly reached their limits. They determined that the warehouse operator should actually have had an invoice for more than 200,000 euros – per month. But the Playstation professionals had also manipulated the counters.

Together with the police, the agents arrested the gang. The “Sluschba bespeky Ukrajiny” (in German: Security Service of Ukraine) is the successor organization to the KGB, which was feared in Soviet times. Tasks include internal security and the fight against organized crime.

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