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300 rioters rampage in Liège: Riots at anti-racism demonstration

300 rioters are rampaging in Liège
Riots at anti-racism demonstration

In Liège, Belgium, on the sidelines of a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration, police officers and rioters clash. The result: Nine people came to the hospital. Several shops in the city center are looted.

Massive riots broke out in Liège on the sidelines of a demonstration against racism. According to the police, up to 300 “rioters” marched through the center of the East Belgian city on Saturday and attacked police officers with stones, among other things. These in turn used water cannons. “Nine people had to be taken to the hospital, including five police officers,” the police said in the evening.

The riots occurred on the fringes of a “Black lives matter” demonstration, which was initially peaceful. Participants protested Monday’s controversial arrest of a woman from Congo. This accused the security forces of violence and racism, which the police rejected. According to the police, “a few dozen people” took part in the demonstration itself.

At the end of the demonstration, some participants became violent and attacked a police officer on a motorcycle, reported a police spokeswoman. As a result, “between 200 and 300 rioters have gradually gathered in the streets of Liège”. These also looted and destroyed shops.

The police first called on the residents of Liège to avoid the center of the city for the time being. It was in action with more than 250 emergency services and three water cannons. According to an AFP correspondent, the situation in Liege was calm again in the evening.

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