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30 degrees and thunderstorms – ex-hurricane Larry pumps the sweaty summer to us

It is still storming and spinning in front of the USA. But ex-Hurricane Larry blows quickly to us. And brings us summer sweat!

Like the first warm phase in September, we also owe the second warmth wave to a former hurricane.

“First it was the ex-hurricane Ida that brought us the September summer, now it will be ex-hurricane Larry from the weekend, which as a storm low near Iceland is involved in the European weather and acts like a pump,” explains graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite BILD.

Because: Larry pumps very warm, but also very humid and humid air masses to us in Germany. You can really sweat there. The September summer is not ready yet.

Weather expert Jung: “So far, a lot of sunshine, no autumn feeling and a lot of high pressure weather. As announced, it was the longest period of good weather so far of the entire summer of 2021 and that in September. “

On Friday there were violent thunderstorms in Hamburg. The storms remain.

Climatologist Dr. Karsten Brandt from says: “Today there is another flash of lightning and thunder concert, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Hesse, and possibly also Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. It’s sticky, muggy. Here locally 20-30 liters of rain in a few minutes and thunderstorms. “

On Saturday, the thunderstorm zone is east of Berlin, partly over Saxony and in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. On Sunday the thunderstorms are out everywhere.

So it goes on with the weather in the coming days:

Saturday: 20 to 26 degrees, often a mix of sun and clouds, individual showers, more beautiful in the evening from the west

Sunday: 22 to 28 degrees, often beautiful and sunny, hardly any showers

Monday: 21 to 28 degrees, lots of sunshine and dry

Tuesday: 21 to 30 degrees, sunny, dry and very warm

Wednesday: 22 to 28 degrees, lots of sunshine, later thunderstorms possible from the west, muggy warm

“A real fall into autumn is currently not in sight. It remains quite warm at the beginning of the new week. It’s only a bit more changeable in parts. Today and tomorrow individual showers and thunderstorms, from Sunday it will be nicer again. Next week until Wednesday it will be very warm and beautiful, from Wednesday afternoon thunderstorms ”, says graduate meteorologist Jung.

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