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3 options to modernize the look of your hair without spending too much

With simple changes she shows off a beautiful mane.

For the woman, change hair look every so often it is essential to refresh the image, sometimes the changes that are sought are not radical, but something very simple that gives a new air to your style, that makes it feel wonderful and that it looks different.

If your mind is taking that step to refreshment to take your hair to another level then read carefully these tips that we present below that will allow you to modernize your hair to achieve a contemporary look that makes you feel wonderful.

We describe in this note several tips that you can consider when making a change in your hair in order to modernize your hair.

1.- court

If you want to give your hair a contemporary touch through a cut that is versatile and allows you to perform various hairstyles, then you have 3 options depending on the length you want to wear.

El Blunt Bob: This cut goes to the knee, although it is a straight cut it is blunt, you can wear it very polished, with ornaments such as headbands or brooches, with waves, with or without bangs according to your tastes.

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Shaggy: It is a layered cut that gives movement to the hair, great for those who have little or very fine and straight hair. You can wear it with or without bangs. It goes at shoulder height so if you want to take it up or half way it is also worth it.

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Pixie: If you want to opt for short hair then a good alternative will be the Pixie that you can wear very short, with a fringe, pointed, a little long, on the side, with splits at the front, natural or even the wet effect will look incredible depending on the activity you are going to do.

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2.- Coloration

In this case, you can give light to your hair with several alternatives, either with a uniform tone throughout your hair, a color that an expert advises you to refresh your face, as well as the different color techniques with highlights that exist. We name you the most popular in recent times.

Natural-effect colorations are in fashion, those that frame and illuminate the face and the ones that stand out the most are:

Foilyage: This technique combines aluminum foil, brush, and freehand. With this technique where the hair is parted in half, subtle and sophisticated reflections are achieved. With the foilyage, points of light are created that give volume, movement and depth to the hair.

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Scanning: This freehand technique that begins a few centimeters below the root clears up until it reaches the tip. Provides light and volume to hair making your face look more radiant.

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Babylight. They are similar to Balayage, its more discreet and natural effect. It is about imitating the effect that the sun leaves on the hair during the summer. They tend to be light and very fine streaks distributed throughout the mane. They are done by sweeping from root to tip and gradually lightening.

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A form of refresh and modernize your look It is with the placement of accessories. For this it is important that you consider the color of your skin, the activity to which you will present yourself with the look and of course your personality.

Among the accessories that you can incorporate into your hairstyles are headbands, scarves, hats with them you can make a pick up, pull out strands, leave your hair loose or medium hair.

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