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3 hairstyles for short hair inspired by Princess Diana

In recent months we have referred on more than one occasion to the Hairstyles for short hair that not only have the virtue of enhancing facial features, but are also extremely easy to do, exude practicality, versatility, and better yet, they are responsible for providing an impetuous modern (or revolutionary in some cases) look to the face. look in general.

But this time we will not focus only on those hairstyles that you can do in five minutes or at home, rather we have sought to evoke the Hairstyles for short hair that we inherited from the iconic princess of all time, Lady Di, with her curious facts about her life and the royal family.

Thus, between simple alternatives and others that are somewhat more complex to achieve, without a doubt these will be the hairstyles that you will want to take from here on if you still miss the presence, style and inspiration of the Princess Diana in terms of hair as much as we do.

Semi Updo for Princess Diana’s Short Hair

From their combinations from evocative romantic blouses, through dreamy evening dresses and even the occasion that Princess Diana wore pink tennis shoes, Lady Di became an unmistakable source of inspiration. And as regards Hairstyles for short hair She has also left a stamp of her own and timeless style, regardless of whether she wore her hair with a medium length of hair, as we observed in her adolescence; with a succession of layers and a bulky appearance in her first years of relationship with Prince Charles; or championing the iconic haircut that influenced an entire generation in the 1990s.

And in particular that opportunity that Princess Diana paid a visit to Dr. Barnado’s charity in London in November 1984, she was seen wearing a gray tailored suit with a Ideal hairstyle for short hair, which in fact, we have not seen repeated too many times throughout history, but which today constitutes a colossal inspiration to achieve a semi-updo with twists and a look between casual and elegant that you can apply in your day to day, whatever Dress a blouse with a mini or midi skirt, as well as a top.

From crown to headband: Diana’s short hair inspiration

Among the vast jewels of the British Royal Household with which the Princess Diana catapulted her ball gowns and hairstyles, there are a hundred tiaras, crowns and diadems that have gone down in history, such as the Lover Knot tiara, which she had designed for Queen Mary in 1914 and then from generation to generation until Queen Elizabeth gave it to her in 1981. to Lady Di as a loan and wedding gift.

Just as the tiara composed of 19 diamonds and dangling pearls represented a bucolic element in the mid-eighties, those with short hair can be inspired by that princess diana hairstyle and use a diadem as presented by the House French Christian Dior in his autumn-winter 2021/2022 collection to find the perfect statement At any time of year.

Lady Di’s timeless hairstyle for short hair

If there is one hairstyle and style that has definitely managed to perpetuate itself, it is that of Princess Diana in the nineties. Thanks to stylist Sam McKnight and his penchant for taking risks, we’ll always have that one. hairstyle for short hair with side parting that signified the culminating point of the liberation of Lady Di.

If you have the short hair and you want to achieve a distinguished hairstyle, do not hesitate to apply the part to the side and be inspired by the twenties in order to catapult a style with waves to the water for any occasion that requires it.

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