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3 essential reasons to use sunscreen

When it comes to taking care of your skin, no step is optional, because to make it look beautiful and healthy it is always necessary to clean it, hydrate it and above all protect it from the radiation of the sun’s rays.

What is a sunscreen for? 3 reasons to use it

If you still do not know how this product works, find out that thanks to the formulation they contain they create a protective filter (either physically through mineral agents, or chemically, distributing the energy of radiation on the skin) that covers the outer layer of the dermis and keeps it safe from radiation.

Additionally, the use of sunscreen on the skin will ensure that:

  1. Your skin is less prone to burning, drying out, and premature aging. To do this, choose a sunscreen that takes care of it, nourishes it and helps retain moisture in your skin. In the long term, you may notice that your dermis remains elastic and blemish-free.
  2. If you suffer from acne, sensitive skin or a skin disease and you are undergoing a dermatological treatment, protecting your skin will help to avoid further compromising your current situation. Likewise, if you take care of your skin With lightening serums, exfoliating or anti-wrinkle treatments, the use of a protector will help you enhance the results of your products.
  3. By being protected, the risk of skin cancer is greatly reduced. Always use protection and preferably, do not expose your skin to direct sun, especially between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

What is the best sunscreen?

It will depend on your lifestyle, the condition of your skin, its needs, and how long you are regularly exposed to direct sunlight. For the face, choose one that goes according to your skin type (dry, oily, normal, sensitive). You can even find presentations with color so that you can do without a makeup base.

For the body, choose presentations in cream or spray that have at least an SPF 30. To know how much sun protection you need, you must calculate the time in which your skin turns red in the sun. If this happens in a minute, a 30-minute sunscreen will keep you safe for 30 minutes.

Remember that from 5 to 10 the protection is low, from 10 to 25 is medium, from 30 to 50 is high and more than 50 is very high.

Do you want to find the best protector for you? On you can choose between several brands, presentations and FPS to find the ideal one. Plus, you get them at home today!

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