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3 damages that you create to your pet by treating it like a human and you did not know

Despite the fact that you love your pet to the point of treating it as one of the family, you are unintentionally incurring a form of animal abuse. This process of humanization, where clothes are put on them or birthday parties are held, for them can be very traumatic.

Consequently, dogs, cats and other spoiled persons in the home are losing their identity, which causes frustrations, anxiety and insecurities, because their physical or psychological needs are different from those of a human being,point from VIX.

Consequences of humanizing the pet

Limits your well-being

For the specialist lawyer, Gary Fancione, these are practices that “They generate unnecessary suffering such as wearing uncomfortable clothes, combing them, sitting them at the table”, according to the same medium.

In the same vein is the academic Moisés Heiblum, who points out that humanizing cats or dogs harms “their own forms of communication, social organization and rules of coexistence, limits their well-being and generates a high degree of anxiety ”, they add.

Makes the pet fearful

Product of that same anxiety, when the pet separates from its authority figure, The moment of separation generates great terror, even for a short time.

Humanized animals begin to become distrustful, they become disproportionately scared and of anything. In addition, by becoming so dependent on their ‘human parents’ and not seeing their needs met, such as playing with other dogs or going for a walk, they will become very nervous.

Aggressive and unsociable

On the other hand, separates them from their other peers so it becomes difficult for them to be able to relate in a healthy way, little destructive and even safe for your well-being.

In fact, many times they are transformed at home not respecting the rules, it becomes aggressive, easily frustrated, and does not obey even its owner.

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