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3 alleged members of the Gulf cartel fall, linked to ‘El Vaquero’

The operations that were carried out in Nuevo León to capture Evaristo Cruz Sánchez, The cowboy, identified as one of the leaders of the Gulf cartel, in charge of the handling of drugs, weapons, extortion and kidnappings, also led to the arrest of three more members of said criminal organization.

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported that the alleged offender, who It is one of the most sought after by the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office, had been operating in the Nuevo Leon municipality of Salinas Victoria for some time.

He mentioned that, with the support of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), raids were carried out yesterday in various homes in Salinas Victoria.

In the Salinas Victoria neighborhood, of the aforementioned municipality, El Vaquero was arrested, as well as David ‘C’ and Nicolás ‘A’, who were assured of various substances, three short firearms, a long weapon with its magazine and cartridges; chargers and cartridges, two communication radios, cash, cell phones, three vehicles, electronic tablets and a bill counting machine.

At another address located on Miguel Hidalgo street, in the same neighborhood, Raúl ‘C’ was detained, whom He was assured of substance with the characteristics of marijuana, three long firearms with their respective magazine supplied, more than 80 useful cartridges, jewelry and cash.

Raúl ‘C’ is also charged with the crime of bribery, for trying to negotiate his freedom with the agents of the Federal Public Ministry who spearheaded the operation.

The search warrants were granted on April 5 by the First Control Judge attached to the National Center of Justice Specialized in Control of Investigation Techniques, Arraigos and Intervention of Communications, with jurisdiction throughout the Republic and Residence in Mexico City.


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