$ 250k for a hit man in broad daylight: the plot behind the brutal murder of a pioneer marriage equality lawyer

The suspect with the newspaper under his arm.
The suspect with the newspaper under his arm.

Veronica Dessio, 49, who worked at the Board of Tickets of the Supreme Court of Justice of the province of Buenos Aires, was a pioneer: In 2010, together with his partner, he managed to get the Oral Criminal Court II of that city to make room for an amparo so that the Civil Registry allow them to take a turn to join in marriage. One month before the Equal Marriage Law was enacted and after nine years of relationship, Dessio managed to marry in La Plata with his then girlfriend Carolina Pérez on June 25, 2010, thus becoming the first marriage between women celebrated in a Civil Registry of the province of Buenos Aires.

On the eve of the last Christmas Eve, Verónica was found dead in her home, brutally murdered.

Dessio's body presented multiple wounds: he was almost decapitated (Facebook)
Dessio’s body presented multiple wounds: he was almost decapitated (Facebook)

From the start it didn’t seem like a robbery. The assassin’s intent to kill was evident. It was Pérez, from whom the victim was already separated, who found the body in his house in the Villa Elvira neighborhood, on the outskirts of La Plata, lying on a large amount of blood with a deep cut to the neck and stab wounds to the back and the rest of the body. She was almost decapitated.

Dessie and his ex had reached a convivial agreement whereby Dessio still lived in a barbecue area at the back of the house located on calle 5 bis between 636 and 637. They also had a common child that he was not in the house at the time of the event.

Today, less than two weeks later, the prosecutor Ana Medina of the UFI N ° 1 of the provincial capital achieved two crucial arrests, with procedures in charge of Homicide Cabinet of the DDI of La Plata, as confirmed by police sources to Infobae.

The hypothesis is brutal: a crime on request with a price of 250 thousand pesos.

The intellectual author: Ivana M., who would be Pérez’s current partner.

Ivana M., accused of being the material author.
Ivana M., accused of being the material author.

Ivana M., employed at least eight years ago by the General Directorate of Culture and Education of Buenos Aires, was indicated thanks to criminal intelligence collected by the Buenos Aires. Was apprehended yesterday at her house on 27th street, where cell phones, a tablet, more than 6 thousand dollars were seized. In any case, it was a matter of following the trail.

The first evidence came shortly after the crime. On December 28, security cameras in the area captured a man near the Villa Elvira house wearing gloves, a chinstrap, a newspaper under his arm, possibly to conceal the murder weapon. That man, who was seen with a small motorcycle with a trailer, was identified as Jorge A., 58, a resident of the San Lorenzo area. They raided it already in December: There was the old Siambretta with whom he was seen on security cameras, along with two blades and two cell phones.

It is believed that was supposedly hired for a price of 250 thousand Through a local intermediary, also from the San Lorenzo area, nicknamed “El Gringo”, who has not yet been arrested.

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