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24 years after the fashion gazar’s murder – two dead discovered in Versace villa

His death shocked the fashion world: on July 15, 1997, Gianni Versace († 50) was murdered with two headshots in front of the door of his villa in Miami. Almost exactly 24 years later to the day, the bodies of two men turned up in the “Casa Casuarina” – also shot!

Employees of the villa, which has now been converted into a hotel, discovered the lifeless body on Wednesday and notified the Miami police. The officers could only determine the death of the two men.

How „Miami Herald“ reported that Adam Rashap († 31) and Alexander Gross († 30) shot themselves in one of the suites on the eve of the anniversary. The men came from the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is possible that they had arranged to commit suicide together in the historic house in Florida.

The “Casa Casuarina” was built in 1930. In 1992 Gianni Versace bought the property in a prime location in Miami. Until his death, the Italian was considered a fashion tsar, dressing the beautiful and the rich all over the world.

On the morning of July 15, 1997, Andrew Cunanan lay in wait for him in front of the villa and killed Gianni Versace in cold blood with two headshots. The search for the serial killer, who had five people on his conscience, kept the United States in suspense. On July 23 of the same year, Cunanan shot himself due to the high pressure of a wanted man.

Donatella Versace, the designer’s sister, commemorated her murdered brother on Instagram on the 24th anniversary of her death. She wrote: “We always made each other laugh. Gianni, I miss you every day. “

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