23 years after the crime: mother is arrested after the death of her baby

A newborn baby was found dead 23 years ago in a garbage can in a gas station toilet in Washington state. But the death of the infant, called “Baby Boy Doe,” could never be solved because of scant evidence.

According to the Seattle Times, the coroner responsible at the time stated that the baby had been alive shortly before. The police therefore classified the act as murder.

In 2018, investigators took up the case again and were able to identify the boy’s mother on the basis of new DNA databases. Last Tuesday, 23 years after the crime, she was arrested as a suspected perpetrator. The police announced in Seattle.

It was then that police officers found the baby. As the police reported to the Seattle Times, blood from the placenta was also found at the crime scene. In addition, an unknown woman could be seen on a camera shot of the gas station. However, there was insufficient evidence to identify a suspect at the time – until now.

With the help of genetic ancestry research, the unknown DNA trace could be assigned. With this technology, which has developed rapidly over the last 20 years, DNA profiles of the human genome can be analyzed in order to be able to determine a possible relationship or ancestry in more detail.

Several possible DNA hits were then compared with the photos from the camera surveillance from that time. The police were able to identify the boy’s mother, who is now 50 years old.

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