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2023 Cadillac Lyriq – As Amazing as Concept and Top-of-the-Line for the First Electric Cadillac

It seems like it wasn’t long ago Cadillac It showed us the Lyriq Concept with a futuristic look that made more than one fall in love with its proposal. Today the brand removes the cover from the production model, the Cadillac Lyriq 2023, and you can confirm that the changes are minimal. This will be Cadillac’s first EV and will ride on General Motors’ new Ultium platform for electric vehicles.

No major changes and that’s more than good

The appearance of the production Cadillac Lyriq practically It was not modified with respect to the model that anticipated its arrival, the most noticeable changes are the design and size of wheels, the addition of common side mirrors instead of cameras and a slightly larger door frame.

Otherwise, it will keep the characteristic LED lighting up front with long LED strips, a huge grill with contrasting finishes and a very well softened silhouette at the end for a more attractive appearance. The double skulls that adorn part of the upper area and the flanks of the defense are also the same. The wheels that you will mount will be able to go between 20″ a 22″.

Pure luxury interior

Inside also the design does not receive so many changes, in fact we find propositional lines and some of the most recent elements that Cadillac introduced with the Escalade. In this case, ride the gigantic collar OLED curve de 33 “ which includes the digital instrument panel and infotainment system. With a resolution capable of producing up to one trillion colors.

Cadillac gave priority to the audio system and therefore is accompanied by one signed by AKG with 19 speakers and exterior sound cancellation system. It will also have a steering wheel with certain touch controls instead of traditional buttons, a panoramic roof, electric heated seats, automatic A / C, navigation, OnStar, Wi-Fi, among hundreds of other technological elements.

Next-generation platform

The Cadillac Lyriq will move thanks to a new generation platform developed by GM and called vice. This same one aims a higher energy density and a lower use of rare metals for its manufacture. Its capacity is 100 kWh and initially it will only feed a motor on the rear axle with the capacity to produce 340 hp y 325 lb-ft from par.

Cadillac clarified that later in the product life cycle they will introduce a “Performance” variant that will have an extra engine up front to enable all-wheel drive. EPA estimates its autonomy to be about 483 km. Your charging capacity will vary depending on the charger selected, with some allowing you to get 83 km of range per hour of charge on a 19.2 kW home charger.

The Cadillac Lyriq will begin production in the first months of 2022 and when it is delivered it will do so as a 2023 model. This model will be available in the United States from September 2021. The price of the base model will be of $ 59,990 without optionals, close to 1,200,000 Mexican pesos in a simple conversion.

In Motorpasión Mexico

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