2021 will be a better year and we will all do better, including opponents

By recognizing that 2020 was a very difficult year due to the pandemic of Covid-19, he President Andrés Manuel López Obrador exhorted Mexicans to have faith and great confidence that the 2021, year of the bicentennial of the consummation of the Independence of Mexico, it will be a better year and that it will be better for all of us, included, he noted, his adversaries.

In a video broadcast on their social networks on the occasion of the end of the year, the head of the federal Executive, accompanied by his wife, Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, planted an ahuehuete in the Nezahualcóyotl Garden – formerly the Empress Garden – in honor of the victims of the coronavirus, which in Mexico has left more than 124 thousand dead.

“We are in this garden of the National Palace that we have baptized as the Nezahualcóyotl Garden, the poet king who was a lover of nature, planted trees like this one, which is an ahuehuete that we are going to plant. It is a tree that according to legend is 2,000 years old, planted by a priest of the god of the Wind. The ahuehuete is related to water, to life.

“This 2020 that is ending has been a difficult year, of suffering from the Covid pandemic, many lost their lives, our relatives, friends, acquaintances and in honor of them we are going to plant this ahuehuete here in the National Palace, and we are also sowing this Tree thinking about the future, thinking that in 2021, which is the year of Independence, it will be better for all of us, which is what Beatriz and I wish, with all our hearts.

“When I speak that we want all of us to do well, that is it, all of us: our adversaries, our friends, all Mexicans, all human beings. We have to love each other and embrace each other, and let’s have faith, a lot of faith because 2021 will be a better year. “

With shovel in hand, the holder of the Federal executive He recalled that next year the 200th anniversary of the consummation of Mexico’s Independence will be commemorated “that is why we have great confidence in the future, a lot of faith and a warm hug.”

Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller indicated that everyone wants extraordinary situations that humanity has experienced to be left behind “but they leave lessons, teachings for those of us who are alive. We have a great commitment to continue this human task, as a country, as united families, looking forward, collecting all the good that happened ”.

“And how are we going to plant this ahuehuete, sowing hope, illusion and the desire for everyone that it goes well, very well,” he added.

Tree, donated by leaders of Atenco

President López Obrador reported that the ahuehuete he planted in the National Palace was given a few days ago by leaders of the Front of Peoples in Defense of the Land (FPDT) of Atenco, State of Mexico.

“They know that in 1921, 100 years ago, when the first centenary of Mexico’s independence was commemorated, it was decreed that the ahuehuete would be the national tree in commemoration of independence, 1921, but maybe because it was an ahuehuete , called the “Sad Night” tree, or the “Happy Night”, however you want to see it, but it was an ahuehuete.

“This tree occurs in low areas where there is water, on the banks of rivers, in Oaxaca, in Puebla, in the State of Mexico, here in the Valley of Mexico, and next year, tomorrow is 2021. also the year in which we are going to commemorate the 200 years of national Independence, so we have a lot of confidence in the future, a lot of faith, and a heartfelt hug ”, he added.

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