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$ 201 million giveaway for matching 6 numbers! Read how to participate online, you have until this Friday

Draw the night of April 9 (Credit: The Lotter)
Draw the night of April 9 (Credit: The Lotter)

Very few lotteries in the world offer prizes that could put you on the list of the richest people in the country overnight. That’s how big are the jackpots in US lotteries, which tend to pay out hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars.

This week, the United States Mega Millions lottery will draw a total of 201 million dollars, on the night of Friday, April 9. This is considered the most famous lottery in the world, not only for its huge prizes, but also for those it has given to foreigners who played from outside the United States, through online services such as TheLotter. Read on to learn more about this service.

What is TheLotter?

TheLotter is a global lottery ticket courier service that uses local agents in the United States and other countries to purchase official lottery tickets on behalf of its customers around the world. As part of this service, the company adds a small surcharge to the price of the tickets, thanks to which, the company does not charge commissions for the prizes won by users, regardless of the amount of these.

The official ticket is scanned and uploaded to the client’s personal account before the draw. This scanned version of the ticket, along with the email confirmation, gives players the ownership rights as sole owners of their tickets.

What happens when you win?

After the draws, TheLotter publishes the winning numbers on the results page. You can check your numbers whenever you want. In addition, you can see the details of the giveaway and your prizes in your private account. Additionally, we will notify you privately of the results.

When you win a lottery prize at TheLotter, the winnings will be transferred to your account. In case luck has smiled on you with an accumulated prize, the company will cover your transfer to collect your prize personally.

With more than 6 million winning users from around the world and more than 104 million dollars paid, TheLotter is, since 2002, the largest website to buy lottery tickets online. Among TheLotter’s biggest winners is a Panamanian woman who won $ 30 million and a Salvadoran who won $ 1 million.

4 Steps to Playing for the $ 201 Million Prize

1. Go to the page of the Mega Millions and TheLotter

2. Choose the number of lines to play

3. Pick the lucky numbers

4. Confirm purchase

As explained Sebastian Diaz, spokesperson for TheLotter for Latin America, if you buy tickets through the platform, you do not need to check the results each time you participate. TheLotter notifies about results and prizes every time someone wins. You can also see the details of the draw and prizes in the private account of each user.

In TheLotter users can review the results for free and read the information of the major lotteries. The platform is operated by Lotto Direct Limited, a company licensed and regulated by the MGA, guarantee that theLotter is safe.

Remember that the next draw of the Mega Millions It is Friday, April 9. Good luck!

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