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20 employees infected – animal disease at the Charité

Berlin – At the Charité there was an outbreak of the animal disease Q fever, which can be transmitted to humans, such as the “Berliner Morgenpost” reported. The Charité and the health administration of the Berlin Senate had confirmed the report.

According to this, 20 employees of the clinic were infected with the so-called Q fever in mid-July. According to the Morgenpost, this happened in an animal experiment on pregnant sheep.

The infection of the affected employees was only found in August, when the results of the dead animals were available. The notifiable illness was reported to the health department and the Berlin Lageso. However, it was only possible to detect antibodies in the employees, no more acute infections, reports the newspaper.

Carsten Heyel from the Institute for Hygiene and Infectious Diseases at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen explained in the “Morgenpost”: “Q fever is caused by contact with infected animals.”

As with the coronavirus, the pathogens would be distributed in the air via aerosols. However, the doctor is convinced that transmission from person to person is almost impossible.

How dangerous is Q fever for humans?

According to Heyel, the symptoms are said to be similar to the flu:

► fever
► Chills
► headache
► muscle pain
► possible inflammation in the lungs

According to a study, pregnant women could have a high probability of miscarriage if infected.

And where did the infected sheep come from? A spokesman for the clinic told the “Morgenpost” that it was sheep from a Brandenburg farm. The animals were then quarantined there.

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