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2 years after this photo – Done! Beckett got over cancer

He weighed only nine kilograms and was often too weak to walk. His sister carried him to the sofa, fed him. She didn’t leave her brother’s side, who was only 15 months younger than him, even when chemotherapy turned his stomach upside down again.

▶ ︎ “There is one thing that nobody tells you about cancer in children: It affects the whole family.” Kaitlin Burge from Texas wrote this sentence under a photo that touched the hearts of people all over the world:

Her son Beckett (then 4) is leaning on a toilet seat with his thin arms and is about to throw up. His sister Aubrey (then 5) stands by, caressing him lovingly on his bony back. So that Beckett doesn’t have the feeling of being alone even in this tough moment.

Beckett was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018. Together with his sister and his parents, he fought against it – with success! He overcame the insidious disease and was now able to get into the first grade in good health!

Little Beckett can laugh again

“Next stop 1st Grade” is written on a sign that he laughs and holds in his hands. “Next stop, 1st class”. And not only that – it is a hold in a finally healthy life that is no longer determined by hard medication, long hospital stays, pain and tears.

If there was any good thing about this terrible disease, it is that an inseparable bond has been formed between Beckett and his older sister, Aubrey. Even if the brother is now slowly standing on his own two feet and can say “I can do that myself” more often. Aubrey has to get used to that. She still wants to protect him, says Mama Kaitlin from Princeton, Texas, loudly “Mirror“. “Aubrey was a big influence in helping him through this. They developed a connection that only siblings can have and that even I cannot replace. “

And further: “When he went through chemo, she was like a mother figure. Now Aubrey is slowly realizing that he’s done with it and wants to be more independent. ”Beckett even survived a corona infection. Now he can not only go to school, but even play baseball – and hopefully never again with an illness-related break.

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