2 Cuernavaca city council officials die due to COVID-19 outbreak

Cuernavaca city council authorities confirmed this Friday the death of two officials who were infected by an outbreak of the new coronavirus that would reach at least 18 high-ranking servers, among which Mayor Francisco Antonio Villalobos Adán stands out.

Dr. Rafael Baldovinos Galindo, Secretary of Social Welfare and Values, was one of the deceased. He was admitted to the Bicentennial Hospital of the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata.

The official had to be intubated, and his family even started a financial support campaign to cover the expenses of the disease.

Baldovinos was able to modify the animal collection law with which he avoided the sacrifice of stray animals, and promoted campaigns of training and adoption of dogs and cats in street situations.

Later, the death of the journalist and general coordinator of Social Communication of the Cuernavaca city council was confirmed, Carlos Felix Gaxiola, who remained in serious condition for several days also in an ISSSTE hospital.

Félix Gaxiola was also director of the Morelense Institute of Radio and Television and had a broad journalistic career in newspapers, radio and television.

As we report it in The financial18 high-ranking officials, including Mayor Francisco Antonio Villalobos Adán, tested positive for the pathogen. In fact, the municipal president led two virtual sessions of the council connected to an oxygen tank.

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