17-year-old boy who killed alleged thief went free for legitimate defense | Chronicle

The 17-year-old adolescent who had been arrested accused of stabbing a man to death and wounding another in the Buenos Aires province of Tigre was released by the courts, which considered that he acted in legitimate defense by repelling an attack during a discussion, they reported judicial sources.

The incident occurred last Thursday in a house located on Fray Castañeda street, between Olavarría and Uriburu, under the jurisdiction of the Ricardo Rojas local police station, in said northern district of Greater Buenos Aires.

Although initially the investigations believed that the young man attacked the two men to prevent a robbery, later it was determined that it was a neighborhood dispute that was generated when the boy -in whose house a pantry works- refused to sell you alcoholic beverages to residents of the neighborhood who were intoxicated.

In those circumstances, the 17-year-old boy defended himself against the attacks and attacked two people with a knife who had entered the home.

According to sources, the young man stabbed in the abdominal area a man identified by the Police as Nicolas Ignacio Romero (31), who died at the scene as a consequence of the severity of the injury.

In addition, in the same event, a younger brother of the deceased was stabbed, Kevin Romero Ferreira (27), who suffered several stab wounds and was transferred to the General Pacheco hospital, where he is stable.

For his part, a third man, older brother of the previous ones, identified by the Police as Jose Luis Romero (33), was apprehended by the troops who arrived at the scene.

While the young man was released for having apparently acted in legitimate defense, the detainee and the wounded are accused in the case and will be investigated in the next few hours.

The prosecutor intervenes in the case initiated against the elderly Santiago Jaimes Munilla, head of the Talar District Functional Instruction Unit (UFI), while the adolescent’s situation is in the hands of his colleague Silvia Gremes, of the Jurisdiction of Juvenile Responsibility of the Judicial Department of San Isidro.

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