10,000 brigades are ready to vaccinate older adults


In the second stage of the national vaccination plan against covid19, the government of the republic will seek that the immunization of the pharmaceutical company Cansino is applied in the most remote communities of the country to the elderly and under the surveillance of the armed forces and the National Guard to avoid “influentialism or abuse” and that nobody gets in line.

According to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the vaccination of the elderly will begin in the last week of this month because on January 25, the application of the Pfizer / BioNTech antigen to all medical personnel who He has been fighting the virus for almost 11 months throughout the country.

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In his morning conference, he stressed that the Pfizer vaccine is very good, but due to its freezing and transport characteristics it is easier to apply in urban communities, in addition to requiring two doses.

“Then (the Pfizer vaccine) will continue to be applied, but we are looking to have the Cansino vaccine, from a Chinese pharmaceutical company because it is a single dose and does not require much refrigeration, with that vaccine we could start the vaccination in the The most remote communities of the country with the elderly, we are already integrating the brigades, about 120 thousand people, public servants and also volunteers will participate, “he said from the National Palace.

The head of the federal Executive explained that the application of the dose will begin in 10,000 integrating centers of marginalized and remote communities, which in turn maintain exchanges with 280,000 small and dispersed localities.

The idea is that in one week, each of those 10,000 brigades vaccinates 300 elderly people so that in the same period 3 million Mexicans are immunized against the disease.

Regarding the measures that will be carried out to prevent off-schedule immunizations, the president stressed that military personnel will be part of the brigades in which vaccinators, representatives of social programs and volunteers will be.

He explained that of the 12 members of each brigade, 4 will come from the Armed Forces.

“Four of the armed forces that will go into the brigade, three from the defense secretariat and one from the navy secretariat and two volunteers, that’s how they are integrated; then the brigade will take care that there are no abuses, all of them we are going to take care of that, including the places where the vaccine will remain, the refrigeration centers; there will be vigilance in everything, the national guard will participate fully in the entire vaccination operation to prevent abuse, “López Obrador described.

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Subsequently, the national vaccination plan against Covid-19 plans to move towards the middle cities located in the municipal capitals to protect all the elderly in the country.

The foregoing, he said, should occur at the end of March this year so that from then on, the population with chronic-degenerative diseases under 60 years of age can receive the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

‘There is to say no to the most influential’

When describing the strategy against the disease, López Obrador called on Mexicans to respect the vaccination order and “not make a fool of themselves” by getting in line even if it is not theirs.

He also called on the population to set a good example and stigmatize influentialism.

“It is a question of time, it is not a question of influence, it is not a question of money, that since I have the money they are going to vaccinate me first or live them, that suddenly they want to show off: I got vaccinated because I cheated Before it was celebrated, now it is stigmatized, that attitude is condemned, there is no longer influentialism, there is no cronyism, “said the president.

Finally, he assured that as of next week the 26 entities of the country that have yet to receive the Pfizer vaccine will be able to begin vaccinating their medical personnel from covid19 hospitals, since batches of 430 thousand doses of the antigen will arrive in our country.

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