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100-year-old woman who was denied access to the supermarket: "I do not know where to go"

Outrage sparked video showing when the guards of a supermarket in Maipú, denied access to a 100-year-old woman for not having her Virtual Police Station permit. It is about Isolina Grandón, who spoke about what happened in conversation with the program Here We Are All.

“I said, ‘I’m only going to buy food for lunchI’m going to buy a chicken breast, ‘”the woman recalled in the Channel 13 space.

Catalina Muñoz, one of the customers who was at the supermarket, revealed that tried to talk to the guards to let the woman pass. However, they did not yield.

“I was leaving the supermarket and I saw when granny wanted to try to go in and the guard would not let her because she did not walk with his permission“He said, adding:”I tried to explain that she had no way to get the permit, she does not know how to use a telephone and he continues to insist that he could not give him access, because if he did, he would lose his job. “

Isolina Grandón explained that she could not get her permit, since she does not know how to do it. “I have not been able to go to get my permit, because i don’t know where to go and because I can’t leave my house. I withdrew because what else was I going to say? What else was I going to do?“, he pointed.

Upon seeing the scene, the clients decided to help her as the woman kept trying to enter the premises. Catalina Muñoz explained that she tried to talk to one of the guards. “I tried to tell her to let me come in to buy, she wouldn’t let me and that’s when the problem started because she tried to get in and he blocked her waySo my mother asked a lady who was in line if she could go buy her what she needed, ”she said.

The 100-year-old woman asked for kindness

After the efforts of the customers inside the supermarket, they finally managed to get a woman to get the chicken breast that Isolina Grandón needed for her lunch.

In conversation with the Channel 13 program, the only thing the 100-year-old woman asked for is a little kindness. “They should be a little kinder. Maybe a little more than friendly. Aware that there are also many people in the world who needNot only because they are hungry but because they have plenty of reasons, ”he said.

From Walmart Chile, they issued a statement referring to the fact. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, the health of our customers and collaborators has been a priority for Walmart Chile. We have implemented more than 50 measures to minimize the possibility of contagion“, It was read in the document.

“We regret the situation that affected a client in our supermarket in Plaza Maipú and we understand that she may have suffered some inconveniences. However, making exceptions in the current situation can have serious consequences for people’s health. At Walmart Chile we have acted in accordance with the provisions of the health authority because we understand that in this way we can all face the crisis that affects the country ”, they added.

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