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100 kilos produced every day – police unearth huge drug laboratory

The pictures are strongly reminiscent of the US hit series “Breaking Bad”, in which a staid chemistry teacher mutates into a drug baron by producing and selling hundreds of thousands of crystal meth.

As in the Netflix cracker, it looks like a drug laboratory that the Dutch police have now excavated in Nederweert in the south-east of the country.

Barrels the size of rain barrels are stacked on top of one another, crystal meth crystals are piled up in bowls like harmless Lego bricks. Methamphetamine, the chemically correct name for the substance, is an absolute devil drug!

Crystal meth triggers extreme levels of intoxication in the brain. The crash after that is brutal. Therefore, addicts need more and more of the treacherous substance faster and faster. The rapid deterioration of the junkies shows in disfigured skin and lost teeth, in the end they are just zombies who crave the next dose.

Fierce: The drug laboratory dug up in the Netherlands was huge. According to the police, more than 100 kilograms of methamphetamine could be produced there – and that every day! Market value on the street: around one million euros.

The XXL laboratory was so productive that the criminals needed two storage rooms at the same time. A spokesman for the police said after the success of the search: “It is the largest and most professional production facility for crystal meth that has ever been found in the Netherlands.”

It is not known how long the horror kitchen has been cooking for. A 62 year old man from Poland was arrested. The law enforcement officers found out about him via encrypted chat logs. The police are not ruling out further arrests.

The equipment and chemicals used to manufacture the drug were secured by the officers, and the drugs were destroyed.

In the “Breaking Bad” series, the good also won in the end.

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