10 very useful shortcuts for Mac that you surely did not know

There are eternal debates and there are Windows or Mac. In tastes genres are broken, but if you are one of the people who uses a computer on the block, surely you are going to want to learn to use it like a pro.

Although you have been using it for years, surely there are some secrets that you have not explored and that is why today we share this list with some shortcuts for Mac that you surely need in your life.

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Cambia between apps

If you are doing a quick task and you need to switch between the applications that you have open, you just have to hold down the Command key and with the Tab key you will be able to alternate between the different apps that you have open. Each click of the Tab key will cause you to switch to the next application.

Force exit

Although it seems strange, many of the Mac users do not know that this option exists, that it is in fact common in Windows and that it is important when an app does not work correctly. To open the Force Quit applications function, you just have to press Command + Alt (Option) + Escape to bring up the menu from which you can close the apps that are giving you problems.

Better brightness and volume setting

Yes, all Macs have dedicated buttons to raise and lower volume and brightness, and by pressing these keys you have 16 spaces to adjust, both in brightness and volume; However, if you hold down Shift + Alt (Option) and then increase or decrease the volume or brightness, you will now have more control, as the levels that you can control will increase to 64, in order to have the appropriate brightness or a volume that leaves you satisfied.

Enter the preferences of any app

It is a shortcut that few know, but it is quite useful. On Apple computers, when you want to go to the preferences of an app it is necessary to navigate through several menus, but this shortcut will make your life easier. Just press Command + comma (,) and the app will immediately display its settings. It is very useful and easy to use. If you don’t believe us, do it right now.

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Do you need to search for something?

If you need to find a file, an app or even a place on the maps, from your keyboard press Space + Command and the Mac Spotlight Search will appear so that you can find the information you need in a matter of seconds.

Quickly enter the search in your browser

When you are in Safari, Chrome or your preferred browser, press Command + L to go quickly to the search bar and you can enter a new URL or perform a search.

Quick lock your Mac

Let’s say you need to leave your workspace immediately and you don’t want anyone to have access to your Mac. If you have a laptop you simply have to close the computer, but if it is a desktop you will have to navigate through various menus. To quickly lock your Mac (laptop or desktop), just press Command + Control + Q and it locks immediately.

Rescue the tab that you closed by mistake

A modern tragedy that hurts like few others is accidentally closing a tab on your browser. If you identify yourself, this Mac shortcut will save your life. To open the last tab that you closed in your browser you must press Command + Shit + T so that as a magic art, it will resurrect from the dead that tab that made you sweat cold when you saw it close.

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Minimize an app

Although it seems very simple, it is useful. When you want to minimize the app you are using, press Command + M to make it go to the dock.

Close an app from the keyboard

Another one of those shortcuts that you don’t know you need until you know it is this one. If you want to close an application without having to click on it or go to preferences, you just have to press Command + Q so that the application you are using closes completely.

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