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1.9 trillion against the corona crisis

Dhe American House of Representatives passed a $ 1.9 trillion corona aid package on Wednesday. 220 MPs voted for the law, 211 were against. With this, the democratic majority prevailed against the republican opposition. Almost all of the MPs adhered to the respective party line. Only one Democrat voted against the package. The Senate, the smaller chamber of the American Congress, had given its place over the weekend. The package includes grants for families, aid for the unemployed and the needy, and funds for schools and universities, and is designed to stimulate the economy in the United States. For it to go into effect, President Joe Biden has yet to sign it.

Majid Sattar

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

Biden made no secret of the fact that he counts the Corona aid package among the most important projects of his presidency. The gigantic 1.9 trillion dollar law will not only lead the country out of the crisis, but also transform America’s economy: The Biden administration will take care of those who cannot help themselves, was the message.

Biden’s allies have been promoting the package to the public for days, as it were, as a catalyst for the post-Covid period: “It depends on the leadership strength,” said Hakeem Jeffries, a member of the parliamentary group leadership in the House of Representatives, and added: “That The rate of vaccination is increasing, the number of infections is falling, checks for $ 1,400 for citizens are on their way. And that is just the beginning.”

Our own ranks closed

Biden plans to reach the public from the White House and travel across the country to explain his policies. His confidants spread that the President considered it a mistake that Barack Obama did not advertise his stimulus package more aggressively during the financial crisis. He does not want to repeat this mistake. Even before the law was passed, it was said that it was a personal triumph of Biden. Not only did he enforce financial aid for families, which cost $ 400 billion, but also aid for the unemployed and the needy, money to boost the vaccination campaign, and funds for schools and universities to help reopen it.

The aid package is supported by a clear majority in public: 61 percent expressed praise. Biden’s personal approval ratings are less positive: They are 51 percent – higher than Donald Trump’s at the same time, of course, but lower than Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s. This is another reason why Biden is planning his PR campaign, the message of which – with all due caution – should be: the long, dark winter is over.

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